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Michael Levin 

President, Custom Solutions Inc., Danville, California, United States


My leadership philosophy around Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace® helps to create ownership throughout an organization leading to greater innovation and problem-solving.

The overall theme of the philosophy is for each person in an organization to own their piece of that organization and be responsible and accountable to all of those they impact, both internally and externally. As well, I want those closest to a situation intimately involved in working on critical innovations, initiatives, problems, and challenges.  The intent is that those closest to a situation will have the greatest knowledge of how to make improvements.

Instead of in a traditional top-down autocratic organization in which Senior Leaders are in front of their staff providing direction and marching orders their role changes. Senior Leadership is responsible for providing the overall vision for an organization. Instead of then telling their people what to do, their role becomes one of guidance, mentorship, sponsorship, and support to help their team successfully work on those innovations, initiatives, problems, and challenges.

For example, when I conduct my workshop series, we invert the organization.  The participants in my workshops form cross-functional teams to work on the initiatives they choose.   Instead of senior leadership being upfront, they become the audience with their role being the four areas I referred to earlier.  Their staff, in those cross-functional teams, is upfront sharing their initiatives along with the action plans they will implement to successfully bring those initiatives to completion.

There is tremendous power when this happens.  What I have seen is when solutions occur in this manner things get done.  Because the teams have come up with their solutions, they easily take ownership of their action plans. I have seen situations in which, if the same solution had occurred in an autocratic environment, there would have been pushback, frustration, and possibly worse. Instead, that solution has led to high fives and hugs (in non-COVID times) because the teams got to make the decision.

In today’s times, where remote work is becoming more and more prevalent, top-down autocratic leadership becomes more and more archaic. This philosophy not only drives critical innovation and problem solving but also creates ownership critical in today’s times.


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